Ear wax removal is no longer provided in many GP surgeries. If a build-up of ear wax is affecting your hearing, get in touch with Our fully qualified, dedicated trained technicians are experienced in the safe and pain free removal of wax. Using a range of techniques best suited to you and your needs, we will talk you through the procedure, ensuring you are comfortable and confident, as well as providing aftercare advice.

The Cost

Whether you have the wax removed by microsuction, irrigation or manual extraction, we charge:
A consultation fee of £25 is required to secure your booking 
then an additional £50 to be paid on the day of your appointment
With over 30 dedicated clinics across the South, Southwest, Midlands and Wales, there is often very little waiting time to be seen. Book your wax removal appointment today with and take the step to better hearing.
Prior to your appointment, ideally for 3-5 days beforehand, please oil your ears. This helps to soften the wax in preparation and makes the treatment much more effective. If you have any questions, please contact us on 0800 422 0157 ahead of your appointment.

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