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WHO ARE Earwax.co.uk?

We're part of the award winning Imperial Hearing Group. We have over 30 clinics across the South of the UK, with a team of dedicated specialist Ear Wax Removal technicians who are highly trained and experienced in the safe removal of a build-up of wax. Each and every member of our team is fully qualified and professional


Is to provide the best service and care for safe ear wax removal, by using the most effective methods and procedures. Allowing you to take back control of your hearing. 

OUR Ear wax removal TREATMENTS

We offer a range of effective, pain free treatments for you. After initial consultation, our trained Ear Wax Removal Technician will determine the level of wax build up, and discuss the most effective treatment to suit your individual need. Each option will be explained clearly to you, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Manual ear wax removal is performed using a long thin instrument that is carefully and gently used to dislodge the wax and remove it from your ear.


The water irrigation method for ear wax removal allows the technician to flush warm water through the ear canal using an ear irrigator, allowing the wax to be removed.


The microsuction method is the cleanest and safest method of ear wax removal as it does not require water to remove the ear wax.

Signs of ear wax build-up

The first time many people realise they have a problem is when they have a shower or have been swimming and suddenly find they cannot hear. Wax is like a sponge, it soaks up water and expands within the ear canal. You may be feeling a fullness in the ear or perhaps you have noticed that things sound muffled.

symptoms of ear wax build-up

First of all, ear wax is completely natural. Excess ear wax can develop for a number of reasons, the most common are:


Using our online booking system. You can find your nearest clinic, and book the next available ear wax removal appointment that suits you, with just a small consultation fee of £25.


We have dedicated ear wax removal clinics across the South, Midlands and Wales. Find your nearest location.


With state of the art facilities, in a warm and friendly environment, we will provide you with a first class, effective experience.


Our team of dedicated specialist ear wax removal technicians are highly trained and experienced in the safe removal of a build-up of wax.

FRequently asked questions

It is not advised that wax is cleared with the use of a cotton bud, as this can push the wax further towards the ear drum and can cause even more problems, making it more difficult to be removed. You should never poke anything down your ear with a view of relieving the problem yourself.

The lining of the ear is very delicate and can be easily damaged.

There are home removal kits available, however these need to be used carefully, Hopi ear candles just don’t work, unfortunately it is a sham. We would always advise to seek professional guidance.

Professional wax removal typically has minimal side effects. However you may experience some discomfort or mild ear ache for up to 48 hours after your appointment. This is perfectly normal.

Your hearing may feel different temporarily, this may be heightened / acute hearing or your hearing may in some cases still feel muffled; this is normal. However, if it persists, you should call us or speak to your doctor.

You may feel unsteady on your feet or experience mild vertigo (spinning sensation), this should settle quickly. If not please contact us or speak to your doctor if it is severe and persists.

Sensation of heat, pain or discharge after a few days may be a sign of infection, if this occurs please contact us or speak to your doctor.

Remember, ear wax protects your ear. Attempts to clean the ear with direct streams of water or cotton buds can be dangerous and are likely to push the wax deeper into the ear canal if not carried out professionally.

Whether you have the earwax removed by microsuction, irrigation or manual extraction, we charge a consultation fee of £25 is required to secure your booking, then an additional £50 to be paid on the day of your appointment.

You can book an appointment online by finding your nearest clinic, and viewing available appointments. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 4220157.

Following the initial consultation, we will discuss the method options with you. Each method take around 5 to 20 minutes per ear to perform depending on the level of wax and the position.

First of all, ear wax is completely natural. Excess ear wax can develop for a number of reasons, the most common are:

Earwax (cerumen) coats and protects the inside of your ears. Removal is only necessary when you develop large amounts of earwax, which can make your ears feel blocked and uncomfortable. As the ear wax builds up, it can block the ear canal causing some issues with hearing. If the wax becomes impacted against the ear drum, it can sometimes be painful. Often home treatment can remove earwax, however if this is not effective and the problem persists, you should make an appointment to see a qualified professional.

Rosemary Thrower
Imperial Hearing Poole Customer

Dr suggested having my ears micro-suctioned – was quite nervous but Tim could not have been more reassuring, thorough and professional. Would definitely recommend.

Frank Mullane
Earwax.co.uk customer

What a great pleasure it was to visit Imperial Hearing for ear wax removal. I was so impressed with the totally professional service, the exemplary customer service skills and perhaps the most endearing was the wonderful humanity that underpinned all of Sophie and Sara’s behaviours, and communications. I knew I was in the hands of people who really cared.

Christine Wilson

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. From speaking with Sarah the receptionist through to treatment with Sophie. Both were extremely informative and unrushed. It was such a calm environment. I was fitted in for an appointment straight away and had micro suction treatment for a build up of wax in one ear. The result was instant and amazing. I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone. I have already spread the word.

Ear Wax patient

This is a note to say thank you so very much for giving me back normal hearing, after months of not being able to hear in my left ear and thinking that it was going to be a permanent state of affairs (because the GP practice nurse and my GP assumed it was).

I am so grateful – I can hear!! Thank you, Sophie; you’re a superstar and I appreciate you and your skill very, very much.

Sue Murphy

After a couple of months trying to sort out ear wax in left ear and dealing with a high street well known brand who made this process so complicated.

Found imperial wax solutions on line a couple of days ago now sorted. Am very grateful, thank you Simon.

John Atkins

On December 8th, I visited Clarity Hearing, Christchurch, for ear wax removal and would like to thank the staff for their prompt and efficient service. The lady, Katherine, who carried out the wax removal was charming and helpful, and I can now hear well.

Ian Plummer

Thank you soo much Simon for my ability to hear again after visiting your Moredon clinic in Swindon, with enough ear wax to block the machine back in November 2020.  The whole experience was top shelf and worth every penny. Highly recommended!

Ian Priest

Excellent service, very friendly and professional. Made a huge difference thank you.

Marion Leach

Highly professional service at Cirencester Hospital, painless procedure and 100% successful! Thank you very much indeed to Sophie.

Julia Hazelwood

Cerez in Kingsbridge was brilliant! She firstly saw my elderly mum, who had build up of wax as suggested by the NHS hearing aid specialist. As it transpired it was a build up of dead skin, which Cerez removed, while putting mum completely at ease. With that, asked for my ears to be checked to find I needed attending to. A week later all gone and feeling much better. Excellent and professional service. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Dianne Kyte
Earwax.co.uk customer

Just had my ear wax removed after suffering with a blocked ear for a very long time, highly recommend. The staff are amazing, very polite and friendly.

A Happy Client

I can’t thank you enough – You listened to me, and what had happened in the previous months, and because of your expertise, you believed that the loss of hearing was down to wax and then you persevered until it was all gone – seeing ‘hidden’ wax that nobody else had seen, even with several visits to the GP and having had my ears syringed.